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Wireless Sensor Network Research Makes Hot Tech List
College of Engineering - 2011-12-08

Blaauw-Sylvester: EE Times 20 hot technologies for 2012
EE Times News & Analysis - 2011-12-06

Professor David Blaauw Elected Fellow of the IEEE
EECS News - 2011-11-22

Mina Rais-Zadeh Receives 2011 EDS Early Career Award
EECS News - 2011-10-06

Micro Energy Harvesters Will Make Cyborg Insects Unstoppable
IEEE Spectrum - 2011-09-05

A Minimally-Invasive Brain Implant to Translate Thoughts Into Movement
EECS News - 2011-06-16

Most Powerful Millimeter-Scale Energy Harvester Generates Electricity From Vibrations
University of Michigan News Service - 2011-04-25

New Technologies Usher in the Millimeter-Scale Computing Era
University of Michigan Record - 2011-02-23

Why MEMS-Based System Solutions?
Hearst Electronic Products - 2011-02-01