WIMS2 Video Presentations

Bringing WIMS2 to the Valley
As Corporate Outreach Directors for the WIMS2 Center, entrepreneurs and U-M alums Sassan Teymouri and Shahin Hedayat are helping to introduce its wireless integrated microsensing and systems technology to Silicon Valley and strengthen the Center's ties to industry.
Biochip Research Benefits Infants
The video describes the development of a novel biochip under Michigan's new M Cubed research program. The device has the potential to quickly analyze the blood of infants thus saving time and resulting in better patient outcomes.
MEMS Education Series® Webinars Innovative MEMS Packaging for Future Technologies
This webinar concentrates on three innovative research topics that may help your company improve its MEMS packaging. Presented by Andrew “Andy” Oliver Ph.D., Industrial Liaison and Principal Staff Scientist, Wireless Integrated MicroSensing and Systems Research Center (WIMS2), University of Michigan. Original Webinar Date June 13, 2012.
Micro Electro Mechanical Systems - MEMS Micro Electro Mechanical Systems - MEMS
A University of Michigan Out of the Blue Production featuring MEMS research.

Professor Zeller's Talk at PITTCON

Microfabricated Gas Chromatographs for Sub-ppb Determinations of Complex Vapor Mixture Components
An interview with Professor Edward T. Zellers from the University of Michigan. Recorded live at the LCGC and Spectroscopy 2011 Pittcon Theater, in Atlanta, Georgia, on March 14 and 15, 2011.